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David 03 Feb 2014
I brought my own oil as they do not have Mobil 1 Hi-mileage oil. One the invoice they charged me for oil. ok, my question, did they use their oil and tech kept my oil for his personal use? I called back service advisor said no, he saw the empty containers on floor. Just saying, this can put a doubt your mind. Thank you everything else was fine. Show more
4 rate
Roderick 31 Jan 2014
Staff are friendly and greeted you with the professionalism needed to ensure you of quality service. Thanks for the quick response to my repair needs.
4 rate
Debra 25 Jan 2014
Brian was very helpful. We got our tires rotated. We received the car back with low air. At $25 for a tire rotation, I would expect that the tire pressure would be checked and added if needed.
4 rate
Tyler 23 Jan 2014
I had my car towed in monday and it was done tuesday. Although what was done to my car i couldve did on my own and saved myself $80 for a diagnostic, the service and communication otherwise done by brian gilespi was amazing. He answered all of my questions with thorough and clear advice.
4 rate
Denise 05 Jan 2014
The service is always great. The only problem that I have is that as I am waiting in the waiting area, the service tech always calls me to tell me when my car is ready. When I tell them that I am sitting in the dealership, they always say that the paperwork said that I just dropped off. I am curious... is they don't prioritize my car as I always seem to be there much longer than other customers in the waiting area. I just want to make sure that they understand that I am waiting for my car. I have already had to take several days off of work for things that should have only taken a short time to address (such as a faulty tire patch which took 4 hours to fix). Please make sure that the service techs know when the owner of the vehicle is waiting in the waiting area. Show more
4 rate
Craig 30 Dec 2013
No real complaints re. service, but there are two points I will mention. At first, there seemed confusion whether I could get an inspection that day, I was sent to two advisors to see if it was possible. Seems odd that the customer has to find out if it is possible to get service. Arrived at noon... and think that is early in day to be told that may not be possible to get inspection that day. Second, had coupon for free alignment inspection and was told that every vehicle is automatically checked for this, so I did not need coupon. If there is a coupon in paper it implies (to me) that this is needed for service. If not, why bother to put in paper, seems like a useless coupon which could be replaced by one that actually gets me something. Otherwise, no problems. Show more
4 rate
Harry 28 Dec 2013
Technician forgot to reset my oil change readout; and I have a small oil leak from the area where the oil change occurred. I will watch this in the next two days to ensure the plug was tightened to correct specifications.
4 rate
Emily 29 Nov 2013
While I am always recommending the dealership to purchase a vehicle, this was my first experience with the service shop. I came in for an oil change, and was very disappointed that I did not receive the same level (or better) service that I typically receive at a JiffyLube (or similiar). These sma...ller chains always vacuum the interior and wipe down the windows for me. While this may seem small, it is something I have come to expect and was disappointed that your team does not automatically include this. Show more
4 rate
The Jones's 19 Jun 2013
Our buying process with Jim Avery was the best we have ever had purchasing a car. As a matter of fact we are about to contact him again to purchase a second vehicle from him. He never once pressured us or made us feel hassled or harassed. THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES! Also, the manager of Radley Chevrolet ac...commodated us 100% two weeks after we purchased our vehicle from there and went above and beyond good customer service. I have had my Tahoe for one year and got my free inspection yesterday. Went flawless and as always the staff at Radley were friendly and attentive. It's not often people give kudos for a job well done but so far we have had nothing but pleasurable experiences there. *Fingers crossed* :) Show more
4 rate
TraverseFan 14 Jun 2013
In spite of the fact that, once again, I was ignored when I drove in, the service writer was very courteous and did a good job explaining to me what was needed to get my vehicle in shape for a long distance road trip.
4 rate